Day Two Wednesday 11 May

Registration and welcome coffee
Opening remarks from the Chair

Kathryn Green
Director – Digital Technology, CIO & CISO
Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency


My Leadership journey: One-on-One with Jo Gaines

Jo has spent over 20 years working for, and with, media companies. Since 1999, she’s worked for various digital publishing companies and networks, including CBS, Yahoo, Kidspot, BMCMedia, Sensis and Brandscreen.  In management roles Jo has led and mentored more than 300+ employees. Jo also developed and implemented CBSi's programmatic trading plans for Australia.

Jo joins us to discuss her leadership journey and the importance of paving the way for the next generation of female leaders.


Benjamin Shepherd
Expert Vice President
Bain & Co.


Special Guest:

Jo Gaines
Area Vice President, Retail & Consumer Goods

Panel Discussion: Emerging tech trends in 2022 and beyond
  • What are the key international trends Australia’s tech leaders need to be aware of and how will they impact critical business functions?
  • What makes AI-enabled cloud such a significant emerging innovation when it comes to accessing and analysing large datasets?
  • Will the adoption of quantum computing make big data more usable and cost effective as the technology streamlines problem solving?

Lidia Ribarovska
Head of Technology - Engagement
Multiplex Australasia

Sarah Dods
Head of Advanced Analytics

Jacqui Bull
Cofounder and Director

Georgia Foster
Managing Director

Minnie Rous
Chief Experience Officer

Bhavika Unnadkat
Head of Data Governance and Knowledge Management

Driving business adoption of AI to lift Australia’s competitive business capabilities
  • Addressing the critical skill shortage of qualified AI workers in Australia
  • Examining the Artificial Intelligence Action Plan to determine if it’s fit for purpose
  • Developing a company-wide AI strategy to capitalise on new and emerging AI technological innovations 

Dr Joanna Batstone PhD
Director – Monash Data Futures Institute and Professor of Practice
Monash University

Extended, Virtual and Augmented-reality technologies in Australian industry
  • Understanding the role of extended (virtual/augmented and mixed-reality) technologies and how they can blend physical and digital worlds to enable real-time interaction
  • Examining the emergence of augmented reality apps and the role they could play in developing augmented reality workplaces
  • Defining what Australia’s tech leaders need to do to be ready for augmented reality and its use in creating shared workspaces for business teams

Dr Lisa Dethridge
Technologist and Senior Research Fellow

Morning Tea and Networking
Blockchain adoption in corporate Australia

Panel Discussion: Deep diving into the role blockchain will play over the next five years
  • What are some of the ways Blockchain has revolutionised the way business is being done?
  • Moving beyond the hype: What are some of the key challenges faced by business that are preventing wide scale adoption of blockchain technology?
  • Blockchain technologies hold the potential to unlock economic and employment opportunities across a wide variety of industry sectors, how can today’s tech leaders become internal champions of blockchain innovation in their current workplace?

Beverley Honig
First Nations Blockchain


Samira Tollo
Chief Technology Officer

Amanda Robinson
Co-Founder and Director, Humanitech
Head of Social Innovation, Australian Red Cross

Lisa Wade
Chief Executive Officer

My Leadership journey: One-on-One with Emma Lo Russo

Award-winning CEO, and Entrepreneur, Emma Lo Russo is an experienced innovator, organisation leader & marketeer, who’s passionate about the role of technology, data & innovation. Emma has been leading Digivizer from start-up through to the size it is today with over 55 employees across 14 countries and serving many blue-chip customers. As a fast-growing technology company, Digivizer has been recognised as Australia's leading digital analytics and activations company and are a strategic partner of Deloitte.

Emma joins us to discuss her leadership journey with Digivizer, taking a start-up global, and the challenges, and the obstacles she has overcome along the way.


Kathryn Green
Director – Digital Technology, CIO & CISO
Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency


Special Guest:
Emma Lo Russo
Chief Executive Officer

Lunch and Networking
Technology to enhance Australia’s workplaces

IoT – creating a brilliant, connected future where everyone can thrive?
  • How is this worldwide explosion of connectivity and data changing the way we live, work and play and how is it transforming our cities, homes, workplaces, retail, healthcare, agriculture, manufacturing, transport, and supply chains into intelligent connected systems?
  • What opportunities are 5G, edge computing, AI and data analytics creating?
  • What new and complex risks are being created with regards to security, cyber and data privacy? How do we manage these?
  • What leadership skills do we need, to ensure good data governance, privacy protection and AI ethics in this complex, interconnected world, so that everyone in society can thrive?

Rohita Singh
Principal – Strategy and Service Design, and AI Ethicist – Global IoT Solutions

Defining how DevOps can revolutionise business by allowing faster adaptation to market forces
  • Understanding the importance of breaking down the software development lifecycle into bite-sized pieces to allow DevOps to have more practical implications
  • Delivering best practice strategies to develop a culture of continuous collaboration and improvement
  • Examining how DevOps promotes continual delivery and agility using fast and reliable problem-solving techniques

Kiruthika Somasundaram
Senior DevOps Engineer

Afternoon tea and networking

Examining the processing power cloud computing offers corporate Australia
  • How has the cloud helped organisations derive insights from real-time data and what role does it play in enhancing decision making?
  • What strategies do Australian businesses need to implement to leverage cloud computing for innovation?
  • How can companies ensure cloud security is growing and evolving to meet the threats of cyber intrusion and costly data breaches?

Belinda Nation
Executive Manager – Product & Architecture

How to build a thriving purpose-led business
  • The four critical pre-launch strategies you need to set your start-up up for success
  • How to promote yourself as a leader when approaching investors
  • How to use your ‘why’ to turn loyal customers into brand advocates

Tessa Fields
Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer